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What is it called when a person betrays his or her own country?
a) Loyalty b) Treason c) Drudgery d) Committment
Which document made the British Parliament more powerful than the English monarchy?
a) Magna Carta b) English Bill of Rights c) Mayflower Compact d) Treaty of Paris
How did Charles I of Spain end his reign?
a) Death b) Execution c) He Quit d) Overthrown
How did Russia improve under its strong monarchs?
a) Improved Education b) All c) More Powerful Army d) Increased Territory
Who led the forces in England that supported the Parliament in the English Civil War?
a) Oliver Cromwell b) Charles I c) James I d) Louis XIV
What did they call Protestants in France?
a) Lutherans b) Roundheads c) Huguenots d) Methodists
Who was an English king that tried to take power from the Parliament?
a) Charles I b) James I c) Both d) None
Which English document recognized the fact that the king must serve the people and follow rules?
a) The Crisis b) The Magna Carta c) The King's Dominion d) Mandate of Heaven
What did they call supporters of Parliament during the English Civil War?
a) Czars b) Roundheads c) Huguenots d) Loyalists
What was the Russian capital founded by Peter the Great?
a) Moscow b) Leningrad c) Stalingrad d) St. Petersburg
What is the title given to a Russian monarch?
a) King b) Premier c) Prime Minister d) Czar
Why did France decline in power?
a) Persecution of Huguenots b) Too Many Foriegn Wars c) Both d) None
What was the Catholic Organization in Spain that persecuted people for having false beliefs?
a) The Great Council b) Conquistadors c) Huguenots d) The Inquisition
What is it called when you recieve something from someone who has died?
a) Inherit b) Estate Planning c) Perforation d) Alienation
Which Spanish King thought he could convert England to the Catholic faith by marrying the queen?
a) Philip II b) Charles I c) Charles V d) Peter I
What is the time period in which someone rules called?
a) Administration b) Reign c) Sentence d) Heir
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