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What two space objects produce meterorites?
a) a rock and dust b) rock and farts c) dust and ice d) ice and farts
What is an asteroid
a) piece of rock b) piece of planet c) piece of comet d) part of a belt
The Oort cloud is located behind Saturn
a) F b) T c) d)
What is a comet made of?
a) dust, rock, frozen water, methane, and ammonia b) rock c) hydrogen, dust, rock, ice d) methane and rock
How do comets change when they approach the sun?
a) vaporization b) indigestion c) solarization d) disinigration
What is a rock from space that strikes Earth's surface?
a) meteorite b) meteor c) comet d) asteroid
What direction does a comet's tail point?
a) away from the sun b) toward the sun c) away from the moon d) toward the moon
Who is the Oort Cloud named after?
a) Jan Oort b) Professor Oort c) James Oort d) Ms. Keller
A meteoriod that burns up in Earth's atmosphere is called what?
a) meteor b) comet c) asteroid d) planet
How do craters form?
a) When an object from space hits a planet's surface b) when a volcano erupts c) when a an object explodes d) When Mrs. Ringler farts.
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