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walking arrogantly
a) swagger b) maniac c) luxurious d) gait
being alone; seclusion
a) indomitable b) ignorant c) solitude d) exultant
experienced prolonged inactivity
a) repertoire b) languished c) acrid d) swaggered
a) rigid b) receding c) stoic d) perilous
to drive forward
a) propel b) exultant c) gait d) languish
supply of skills
a) arrayed b) repertoire c) rueful d) rickety
setting a difference with mutal concessions
a) astonishment b) courteous c) compromise d) instinct
contrary to common sense
a) anguish b) rickety c) perilous d) perposterous
a) portal b) vanity c) swagger d) gait
wild uproar
a) solitude b) compromise c) pandemonium d) team
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