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Snakes are more common in the warmer parts of the world than in the colder parts.
a) snakes b) more common c) warmer parts d) colder parts
The most likely place to find a diamonback rattlesnake in the United States is in the southeastern states.
a) most likely b) place c) rattlesnake d) southeastern states
The black INdian cobra is one of the most poisonous of all snakes.
a) black b) cobra c) most poisonous d) all snakes
The ribbon snake is a _______snake than the common garter snake.
a) colorfuler b) colorfulest c) more colorful d) most colorful
Of the many reptiles, the snake has the _____way of moving.
a) unusual b) unusualer c) more unusual d) most unusual
One of the ______things a snake does is shed its skin.
a) amazingest b) amazingiest c) more amazing d) most amazing
Studying in bed is ___________ than studying at a table.
a) harder b) more harderer c) hardest d) most hardest
She may find _________information in a computer than in an encyclopedia.
a) more recenter b) more recent c) most recent d) recentest
Often experts are the ________people when Joanna has questions.
a) most helpfulest b) helpfulest c) most helpful d) helpfuler
The ____________thing Joanna does before writing is read.
a) importantest b) most importantest c) more importantest d) most important
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