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A process by which living things take in oxygen and use it to help produce energy is called
a) Development b) Digestion c) Respiration d) Nutrition
The process of breaking down food into usable forms is called
a) Ingestion b) Digestion c) Chemosynthesis d) Photosynthesis
The removal of wastes products from the cells of an organism is
a) Nutrition b) Transport c) Respiration d) Excretion
An action of an organism due to a change in its surroundings is called a
a) Response b) Stimulus c) Development d) Adaptation
The outer boundary of a cell. This is found in plant and animal cells.
a) Cell Membrane b) Cell Wall c) Nuclear Membrane d) Nucleus
The ability of an organism to keep conditions inside its body constant is called
a) competition b) hibernation c) locomotion d) homeostasis
This separates the DNA from the cytoplasm.
a) Cell Membrane b) Cell Wall c) Nuclear Membranes d) Cell Structure
Rigid and thick, this part provides structure. It is found only in plants.
a) Cytoplasm b) Cell Membrane c) Cell Wall d) Chloroplasts
This is the storage area of the cell, holding water and nurtrients.
a) Vacuole b) Nucleus c) Nuclear Membrane d) Mitochondria
This is the powerhouse of the cell where nutrients are converted into energy. Peanut-shaped
a) Cell Membrane b) Mitochondria c) Cell Wall d) Vacuole
The control center, also called the brain, of the cell. This part contains DNA.
a) Vacuole b) Mitochondria c) Cell Wall d) Nucleus
The jelly-like substance that holds the organelles
a) Chloroplast b) Cholorphyl c) Cytoplasm d) Cell Membrane
This part of a cell contains Chlorophyll and is found only in plants
a) Chloroplast b) Vacuole c) Cell Wall d) Cell Membrane
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