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Which of the following is not a process that lifts air
a) divergence b) convergence c) frontal wedging d) orographic lifting
Cooling air acts as a barrier over which warmer, less dense air rises, in a process known as
a) orographic lifting b) frontal wedging c) convergence d) divergence
Which of the following would not be associated with stable atmospheric conditions
a) widespread fog b) temperature inversion c) build up of pollutants d) afternoon thunderstorms
Which of the following is not produced by condensation
a) dew b) smog c) fog d) clouds
Which cloud type is best described as sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky
a) cumulus b) alto c) stratus d) cirrus
Which type of cloud is confined to the middle height range
a) cirrostratus b) cumulonimbus c) cirrus d) altostratus
A low cloud that blankets the sky and often generates precipitation is called a
a) nimbostratus cloud b) altostratus cloud c) cirrus cloud d) cumulonimbus cloud
Most fogs are the result of which of the following
a) radiation colling b) movement of aire over a cold surface c) orographic lifting d) radiation cooling and the movement of air over a cold surface
Which type of precipitation consists of small clear to translucent ice particles
a) sleet b) rime c) hail d) glaze
What type of cloud is associated with hail
a) cumulonimbus b) cirronimbus c) nimbostratus d) altostratus
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