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What is the most important river in India?
a) Yellow River b) Mekong River c) Ganges River d) Amazon River
The Huang He River is named for:
a) . the yellow silt it carries b) . the town it runs through c) an ancient civilization d) a fish that lives in it
What river runs through China, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam?
a) Yellow River b) Mekong River c) Ganges River d) Amazon River
What is Asia's largest desert?
a) Taklimakan Desert b) Gobi Desert c) Sahara Desert d) Kalihari Desert
What is the world's highest mountain region?
a) Rocky Mountains b) Himalayan Mountains c) Andes Mountains d) Atlas Mountains
Why is the Ganges River polluted?
a) Untreated sewage pours into it b) Animal carcasses are thrown in it c) Trash is thrown in it d) All of the above
A major environmental problem in China and India is:
a) destruction of rainforest b) drought c) air pollution d) nuclear waste
This seasonal wind can bring heavy rainfall that leads to flooding:
a) mestizo b) monsoon c) hurricane d) typhoon
About 90 percent of China's population lives in this part of the country:
a) northern b) desert c) mountains d) eastern
The most crowded urban area in the world is:
a) Tokyo, Japan b) Beijing, China c) Los Angeles, California, USA d) Delhi, India
Many people in Southeast Asia are farmers living near:
a) rivers b) forests c) deserts d) volcanoes
These are very congested in cities in India and China:
a) malls b) restaurants c) roads d) schools
This religion originated in India and follows the teachings of one man:
a) Confucianism b) Hinduism c) Buddhism d) Shintoism
This religion is unique to Japan:
a) Buddhism b) Hinduism c) Islam d) Shintoism
About 80 percent of India's people follow this religion:
a) Buddhism b) Hinduism c) Islam d) Shintoism
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