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Which of the following was NOT a source for Darwin's ideas about evolution?
a) characteristics of Galapagos animals b) scientists' knowledge of genetic changes c) selective breeding by farmers and animal breeders d) the ideas and observations of Malthus and Lyell
part of natural selection in which an animal produces a large number of offspring
a) overproduction b) underproduction c) d)
What did Darwin NOT understand about the process of evolution?
a) the importance of competition b) the importance of separation c) the slowness of the process d) the role of genetics
part of natural selection in which individual best adapted to their environment have many offspring
a) successful reproduction b) unsuccessful reproduction c) d)
charactieristic that can be passed from parent to offspring through genes
a) characteristic b) trait c) d)
part of natural selection in which some individuals die from starvation, competition, disease, or predation
a) overproduction b) struggle to survive c) d)
part of natural selection in which individuals have different traits
a) inherited variation b) selective breeding c) d)
process by which organisms that are better adapted survive and reproduce more successfully that organisms that are less well adapted
a) natural selection b) struggle to survive c) d)
process in which humans select which plants or animals to reproduce based on certain desired traits
a) exceptional breeding b) selective breeding c) d)
Mrs. Parkerson came up with the Theory of Evolution
a) False b) True c) d)
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