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Makes words slant
a) Text Effect b) Italic c) Underline d) Bold
Makes word thick and darker
a) Bold b) Italic c) Font Color d) Font
Ctrl R
a) Justified Alignment b) Right Alignment c) Left Alignment d) Center Alignment
Ctrl E
a) Cut b) Center c) Copy d) Paste
a) Font b) Groups c) Ribbon d) Tab
Right Mouse click
a) QAT b) Font c) mini toolbar d) backstage
non printing characters
a) Bullets b) Show/Hide c) Font d) Ps
a) Spelling and Grammar b) Refresh c) Bold d) Italic
Apect is an example of this
a) Theme b) Text Effect c) Font Color d) Font
Default font
a) Times New Roman b) Bookman c) Arial d) Calibri
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