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I helped my mom _________ the boxes to the car.
a) carry b) throw c) build d) cut
My grandma _________ the candles on the birthday cake.
a) watered b) lit c) smelled d) cut
My brother is a __________soccer player.
a) about b) help c) look d) great
________is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
a) Who b) What c) Where d) When
________is the author of the book?
a) What b) Look c) Who d) When
An ______________ draws the pictures for a story.
a) author b) editor c) publisher d) illustrator
I ________ my dinner after my dance practice.
a) ate b) eight c) carried d) smelled
What is the story ________?
a) where b) about c) smiled d) best
__________the ball to the catcher.
a) dance b) threw c) throw d) color
The puppy _________after the ball.
a) run b) chews c) drools d) ran
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