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The circular motion within the asthenosphere are called:
a) convection currents b) conduction c) thermal currents d) radiation
The layer of the Earth that is made up of the crust and the uppermost layer of the mantle is called the...
a) crust b) lithosphere c) mantle d) outer core
How does the convection currents within the asthenosphere move?
a) quickly, in different directions b) slowly, in different directions c) slowly, in one direction d) does not move
What is the thickness of the crust/lithosphere?
a) inches thick b) feet thick c) miles thick d) millions of miles thick
The layer of the Earth where the lithospheric plates float on is called...
a) crust b) mantle c) inner core d) outer core
True or False: The asthenosphere is partial molten or melted rock?
a) True b) False c) d)
The lithosphere is broken into large pieces called..
a) mantle b) plates c) sediments d) pebbles
True or False: The lithosphere floats on the asthenosphere, which causes the lithosphere to move.
a) True b) False c) d)
The layer below the lithosphere is...
a) solid rock b) liquid rock c) molten (softened) rock d) both solid and liquid rock
If you used an apple to model the layers of the Earth, which part would represent the mantle?
a) red skin of apple b) the seeds of the apple c) the white part you eat of the apple d) the stem of the apple
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