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What empire broke apart after World War I?
a) State Empire b) Ottoman Empire c) Israeli Empire d) Egyptian Empire
Egyptian rulers were called
a) presidents b) kings c) pharoahs d) emperors
What was the scattering of Jews called?
a) diamonte b) caliphs c) covenant d) diaspora
What is the worship of many gods and goddesses called?
a) polytheism b) monotheism c) Christianity d) Buddha
Mesopotamia developed along which two rivers?
a) Euphrates and Nile b) Nile and Tigris c) Tigris and Euphrates d) Nile and Black
The Egyptian system of writing was called
a) cuneiform b) hieroglyphics c) abacus d) prophet
Which is the oldest of the following religions?
a) Judiasm b) Christianity c) Islam d) Buddhism
Who ruled the Muslim community after Muhammad died?
a) pharaohs b) city-states c) caliphs d) terrorists
What country did the U.S. troops attack in 2001?
a) Iraq b) Iran c) Mesopotamia d) Afghanistan
According to Jewish belief, the Jews are descended from who?
a) Abraham b) Jesus c) Judas d) King David
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