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Involuntary muscles of the digestive system
a) smooth muscles b) skeletal muscles c) cartilage d) voluntary muscles
Any muscles that are not consciously controlled.
a) involuntary muscles b) voluntary muscles c) joint d) ligaments
Organ that relaxes and contracts.
a) muscle b) dermis c) joint d) tendon
The middle layer of skin.
a) dermis b) epidermis c) melanin d) periosteum
Tough bands of tissues that holds bones together.
a) ligament b) tendon c) marrow d) cartilage
Thick bands of tissues that attach muscles to bones.
a) tendons b) ligaments c) marrow d) cartilage
Substance in the center of bones that makes red blood cells
a) marrow b) cartilage c) ligament d) melanin
Touch outer covering of bones
a) periosteum b) cartilage c) ligaments d) melanin
Any place where two or more bones meet
a) joints b) muscles c) ligaments d) tendons
The outermost layer of skin.
a) epidermis b) dermis c) melanin d) muscle
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