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The earliest stage of a star's life is called
a) protostar b) star c) giant d) white dwarf
What color are the coolest stars?
a) blue b) yellow c) red d) orange
How bright a star appears to be from planet Earth.
a) absolute brightness b) temperature c) mass d) apparent brightness
A supernova is
a) the explosion of a supergiant b) the explosion of a white dwarf c) a nebula on fire d) a form of nuclear fusion
How long a star lives depends on its
a) color b) mass c) temperature d) brightness
Astronomers theorize that the universe began in an enormous explosion called the
a) supernova b) galaxy shuffle c) big bang d) Milky Way
Space and everything in it is the definition for
a) galaxies b) the universe c) stars d) The Milky Way
A galaxy shaped like a flattened ball or disc
a) elliptical b) spiral c) quasar d) irregular
A galaxy shaped like a pinwheel.
a) elliptical b) quasar c) spiral d) irregular
A galaxy that is very bright and has a black hole at it's center
a) elliptical b) spiral c) quasar d) irregular
An imaginary pattern of stars in the night sky is
a) A constellation b) A galaxy c) the universe d) A quasar
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