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Offers quick access to commands for performing many fi le management
a) Backstage view b) Mini toolbar c) Ribbon d) Shortcut menu
Format aligns text along the left margin, including the date, inside address, salutation, body of the letter, closing, and signature.
a) Block style b) Modified style c) Open style d) Justified style
Displays additional options or information you can use to execute a command.
a) Backstage view b) Shortcut menu c) Dialog box d) Mini toolbar
When you place your cursor near it, the insertion point changes to a large ā€œIā€.
a) Insertion point b) I-beam c) KeyTips d) Ribbon
Where you will begin creating your text.
a) Open punctuation b) Ribbon c) I-beam d) Insertion point
Replaces some keyboard shortcuts used in previous versions of Word.
a) KeyTips b) I-beam c) Ribbon d) Shortcut menu
A small toolbar with popular commands that appears when you point to selected text.
a) Backstage view b) Dialog box c) Mini toolbar d) Shortcut menu
Requires no punctuation after the salutation or the closing.
a) No punctuation b) Modified punctuation c) Closed punctuation d) Open punctuation
Is divided into eight tabs, or areas of activity.
a) Ribbon b) Mini toolbar c) Shortcut menu d) Dialog box
Contains a list of useful commands.
a) KeyTips b) Shortcut menu c) Ribbon d) Mini toolbar
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