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Why do six-linked disorders occur more often in males?
a) Males have two X and two Y chromosomes b) males have only one X chromosome c) males have two X chromosomes d) males have two Y chromosomes
process that produces cells with half the chromosomes
a) meiosis b) mitosis c) d)
How are sex cells different from other human cells?
a) sex cells are larger b) sex cells have more chromosomes c) sex cells have half as many chromosomes d) sex cells have no chromosomes
process used to create bigger and better offspring
a) selective breeding b) pedigree c) d)
Asexual reproduction relates to humans in that
a) meiosis occurs b) the parent cells do not divide c) none of our body cells reproduce this way d) many body cells reproduce this way.
process where the nucleus divides once
a) meiosis b) mitosis c) d)
What are homologous chromosomes?
a) a chromosome that carry the same set of genes b) chromosomes that are large c) chromosomes that are small d) chromosomes that carry differenct sets of genes
diagram use to trace traits
a) selective breeding b) pedigree c) d)
Colorblindness effects more males than females
a) true b) False c) d)
You will dissect a frog at the end of the year
a) false b) true c) d)
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