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A metaphorical narrative in prose or verse in which the characters and often parts of the narrative itself represent moral and spiritual values or have other symbolic meaning
a) Allegory b) Apostrophe c) Conceit d) Parallelism
A figure of speech in which a place, an abstract quality, an idea, or a dead or absent person is addressed as if present and capable of understanding.
a) Apostrophe b) Conceit c) Allegory d) Pragmatism
An extended metaphor that establishes a striking and sometimes complex comparison between two seemingly different things or situations.
a) Conceit b) Allegory c) Apostrophe d) Parallelism
A Christian belief in the promise of eternal life.
a) Covenant of grace b) The Great Awakening c) Idealism d) Pragmatism
primary purpose is to instruct or inform the reader on a given topic.
a) Didactic poetry b) Lyric poetry c) Pragmatism d) none of the other choices
A series of religious revivals among Protestants in the American colonies, especially in New England, from about 1725 to 1770; any of the religious revivals in American history from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.
a) The Great Awakening b) Idealism c) Pragmatism d) none of the other choices
In philosophy, the term refers to efforts to account for all objects in nature and experience as representations of the mind and sometimes to assign to such representations a higher order of existence.
a) Idealism b) Parallelism c) Pragmatism d) Apostrophe
presents a single speaker who expresses a state of mind or a process of thought and feeling.
a) Lyric poetry b) Didactic poetry c) Covenant of grace d) Pragmatism
A paradox reduced to two opposing words, usually in an adjective-noun (deafening silence) or adverb-adjective (shockingly boring) relationship, and is used for effect, complexity, emphasis, or wit.
a) Oxymoron b) Conceit c) Apostrophe d) Allegory
The phrasing of language in a way that balances ideas of equal importance.
a) Parallelism b) Pragmatism c) Idealism d) Conceit
A philosophical movement that asserts that the truth or relevance of a proposition is based on its practical consequences.
a) Pragmatism b) Parallelism c) Idealism d) none of the other choices
Any serious speech, discourse or exhortation, especially on a moral issue
a) Sermon b) Didactic poetry c) Covenant of grace d) all of the other choices
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