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wash the dishes
a) lavar los platos b) mirar los platos c) cleanear los platos d) lava lava plates
to cook
a) cookear b) cocinar c) descansar d) mirar
a) to do b) to make c) to draw d) to paint
to play an instrument
a) plantear flores b) dar comida al perro c) caminar d) tocar instrumentos
to sing
a) cantar b) locar c) hablar d) dar
to write
a) escritorio b) escribir c) estudiar d) vivir
to study
a) estudiar b) escribir c) borrar d) surfear
a) to lean b) to learn c) to wrap presents d) to read
lavar la ropa
a) wash the plates b) wash to clothes c) wash the car d) win the lottery
hacer la cama
a) to hold b) to go to a concert c) to make the bed d) to live in a house
to dust
a) desempolvar b) dustear c) dibujar d) devolver
asprirar la casa
a) to aspirate b) to vacuum the house c) to vacuum the car d) to aspire to be you
a) to paint b) to scuch over c) to excuse d) to listen
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