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Which of the following is a shared characteristic of ALL protists?
a) Live in dry environments b) Heterotrophic c) Eukaryotic d) Multicellular
Red tides are most dangerous because
a) Algae use up oxygen causing fish and other organisms to suffocate b) Algal toxins concentrate in the bodies of animals that eat them c) some algae feed on the tissues of fish and shellfish d) Algae prevent sunlight from reaching the plants beneath the surface
Which group of animal like protist captures its food using pseudopods?
a) Sacrodines b) Zooflagellates c) Ciliates d) Sporozoans
Unlike Algae, Euglena
a) can make their own food b) can move from place to place c) do not have pigments d) can be heterotrophic under certain conditions
A type of unicellular plant-like protist with beautiful glass like cell walls is a
a) Water mold b) Diatom c) Ciliate d) green algae
An example of a fungus-like protist is
a) Paramecium b) Amoeba c) Slime mold d) Euglena
The contractile vacuole is used to
a) Maintain water balance b) contract into a ball shape c) form a cyst under unfavorable conditions d) control reproduction
Which of the following pair are animal-like protist?
a) slime mold and euglena b) algae and diatoms c) mushroom and downy mildew d) Amoeba and paramecium
What characteristic do all plant-like protists share?
a) Parasitic b) Autotrophic c) Prokaryotic d) Eyespots
Which protozoan is responsible for causing malaria?
a) Paramecium b) Euglena c) Plasmodium d) Amoeba
Paramecium are
a) sacrodina b) Ciliophora c) zooflagellates d) Sporozoans
Euglena are
a) Fungus like protists b) Ciliophora and plantlike c) sacrodina and plantlike d) Zooflagellates and plantlike
Algae are
a) Animallike protist b) Plantlike protist c) Funguslike protist d) Bacteria like protist
Amoeba are
a) Sarcodina b) Ciliophora c) Zooflagellates d) Sporozoan
Diatoms are
a) Sarcodina b) Cilliophora c) Plantlike protist d) Funguslike proist
Slime Molds are
a) Sarcodina b) Zooflagellates c) sporozoan d) Funguslike protist
Plasmodium are
a) Sarcodina b) Ciliophora c) Zooflagellates d) Sporozoan
Downy Mildew is
a) an animallike protist b) a plantlike protist c) a funguslike protist d) a bacterialike protist
In the process of ____________, nutrients build up in ponds and lakes causing an increase in growth of algae.
a) Nutrificiation b) Rainification c) Eutrophication d) Algaficiation
__________ are hairlike structures that move in a wavelike pattern to aid in motion.
a) Cilia b) Flagella c) Trychocysts d) Spores
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