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What types of trees are found in the mountain region?
a) palm, basswood, maples, hemlocks, and pine b) magnolias, basswood, tulip poplar, maples, hemlock, dogwoods and redwoods c) pine, palm, poplar, maples, and hemlocks d) basswood, maples, pine, and palm
Mountains are _______ and ________ places due to their elevation.
a) hot and windy b) rainy and cool c) cool and windy d) rainy and hot
The following animals can be found in the mountain region.
a) salamanders, beavers, and opossums b) black bears, bobcats, and beavers c) alligators, beavers, and bobcats d) beavers, alligators, and bobcats
What is the name of the highest mountain in Georgia?
a) Bald Eagle b) Swamp Monkey c) Brasstown Bald d) Foxy Ridge
The mountains are found in what part of the state of Georgia.
a) northern b) southern c) eastern d) western
The mountain contains the _______________ and the _____________ mountains.
a) Appalachian Mountain Plateau and Rocky b) Blue Ridge and Rocky c) Appalachian Mountain Plateau and Blue Ridge d) Rocky and Mt. Rushmore
What types of animals live in the piedmont region?
a) opossums, raccoons, squirrels, and lots of birds b) opossums, raccoons, birds, and alligators c) raccoons, birds, opposums, and crocodile d) birds, tigers, squirrels, and opposums
The way all living things and non-living things work together in area each having its own job or role to play.
a) environment b) habitat c) ecosystem d) region
Rivers in the Piedmont region are __________ and move more __________ than in a mountain region.
a) muddier and slowly b) clear and faster c) muddier and faster d) shallow and slowly
In order for plants to live in the mountain habitat, they must be able to survive
a) dry conditions with higher elevations b) wet conditions and cooler temperatures c) wet conditions with hotter temperatures d) dry conditions with hotter temperatures
A large city in the Piedmont region is
a) Atlanta b) Jacksonville c) New York City d) St. Marys
The soil in the Piedmont region is ___________ and it gets it color from the minerals in the soil.
a) humus b) sandy c) red clay d) rocky
The piedmont region is from
a) mountain region to the north and the fall line to the south b) south carolina to the north and fall line to the south c) Florida to the North and South Carolina to the south d) beach to the south and the mountains to the North
The word piedmont also means
a) mountains b) grass c) foothills d) rocky
The Piedmont region covers of the state.
a) 3/4 b) 1/3 c) 1/2 d) the whole state
The birds in this area have curved beaks to help them
a) find insects and seeds b) kill their prey c) catch the insects in the air d) hang on to the branches
The short claws on the birds in the mountain region have short claws that help them __________.
a) hang onto their food b) grip the tree c) find a new home d) dig for food
The birds that live in the mountain region are
a) pelicans, woodpeckers, and warblers b) woodpeckers, robins, and pelicans c) woodpeckers, nuthatch and warblers d) penguins, woodpeckers, and warblers
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