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A form of agriculture in which an area of forest is cleared by cutting and burning and is then planted, usually for several seasons, before being left behind.
a) subsistence farming b) infrastructure c) hijab d) slash and burn
The loss of forest from cutting down too many trees.
a) desertification b) literacy c) deforestation d) slash and burn
Enclosed or nearly enclosed by land
a) lockedland b) landlocked c) irrigation d) slash and burn
Rolling grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs.
a) savanna b) rainforests c) plains d) plateau
The process of bringing water to dry land
a) slash and burn farming b) landlocked c) irrigation d) hijab
The headscarf worn by Muslim women, sometimes including a veil that covers all of the face but the eyes.
a) deforestation b) literacy c) landlocked d) hijab
The process by which a desert spreads and the soil loses its ability to hold water.
a) slash and burn farming b) deforestation c) desertification d) savanna
The basic physical systems of a country’s population, including healthcare, roads, utilities, water, and sewage.
a) infrastructure b) landlocked c) literacy d) subsistence farming
The ability to read and write
a) lanlocked b) Literacy c) irrigation d) hijab
Farming that provides for the basic needs of the farmer’s family, with little or nothing left over to sell.
a) subsistence farming b) slash and burn c) savanna d) landlocked
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