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What process is used to help compare the DNA of parents to their children?
a) light microscopy b) gel electrophoresis c) remote sensing d) x-ray crystallography
What two people in the world have the exact same DNA
a) sisters b) mother and child c) identical twins d) brothers
In the absence of the president and the vice-president, who conducts the business meeting?
a) treasurer b) parlimentarian c) secretary d) president pro tem
Who is in charge of a typical business meeting?
a) president b) vice-president c) secretary d) ruler
What type of image includes MRI and CAT scan?
a) remote sensing b) holographic c) industrial d) medical
What unit of computer memory is correct
a) 1KB=1000 bytes b) 1GB= 1000 bytes c) 1MB= 1000 bytes d) 1TB= 1000 bytes
One million bytes of information equals a
a) MB b) GB c) KB d) ZB
Which is an example of an input device?
a) CPU b) Mouse c) Monitor d) Printer
What type of memory stores data that is being processed and is erased when the computer is turned off?
a) RAM b) CD-ROM c) DVD d) ROM
What medical technique is used to view soft tissue in the human body?
a) GPS b) electron microscope image c) x-rays d) Magnetic resonance image (MRI)
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