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What is the official name of our library?
a) Facilitator of Learning and Innovation b) Center for Learning and Innovation c) Innovation and Learning Corner d) Learning and Innovation Center
How are fiction books organized in our library?
a) Alphabetical order of author names b) Dewey decimal numbers c) Alphabetical order of book titles d) Grouped by genre
What is an almanac?
a) A book containing maps b) One book from an encyclopedia collection c) Another name for a reference book d) A book containing specific dates and statistical information
What is the name of our ebook reader app?
a) Destiny b) Barnes and Noble c) Amazon d) Follett Enlight
Which of the following is NOT a 2013 Lone Star book?
a) Cinder b) Divergent c) Wonder d) Planet Tad
What is the maximum number of books that can be checked out at one time?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
Which of the following is NOT a non-fiction book?
a) Using Your Five Senses b) How to Train Your Dog c) The Watsons go to Birmingham d) Holiday Crafts
Books that can only be viewed in the library and cannot be checked out are...
a) paperbacks b) ebooks c) reference d) non-fiction
Which of the following would be a non-fiction book?
a) The Wizard of Oz b) Colonial Recipes c) Sounder d) Twilight
Examples of periodicals would be...
a) magazines b) paperbacks c) storybooks d) audiobooks
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