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Mixing different colors of paint to see what color each combination produces
a) experimenting b) rational counting c) recognizing numberals d) seriation
Placing the numeral four beside a picture of four ducklings
a) rational counting b) recognizing shapes c) sorting d) recognizing numerals
Nesting a set of mixing bols with smaller ones inside larger ones
a) experimenting b) rational counting c) seriation d) sorting
Counting tablespoons of flour while helping to prepare a recipe
a) making a hypothesis b) rational counting c) seriation d) sorting
Cheering for a teammate in a relay activity
a) social b) physical c) intellectual d) emotional
Riding a bicycle to relieve stress after school
a) intellectual b) moral c) emotional d) social
Sincerely vowing to play fair after breaking a rule in a game
a) social b) physical c) emotional d) moral
Remembering hiding places in a game of hide and seek
a) moral b) intellectual c) physical d) social
Strengthening leg muscles while pretending to gallop like a horse
a) physical b) moral c) intellectual d) emotional
Throwing bean bags into an empty container
a) balance beam b) freeze tag c) target toss d) mirror game
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