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What is the trachea made of?
a) cartilage b) mucus c) cilia d) muscle
A group of cells that perform the same job.
a) cells b) tissues c) organs d) organ systems
The opening where urine leaves the body.
a) ureter b) urethra c) urinary bladder d) skin
Hair like structures that line the nasal cavity.
a) cilia b) epiglottis c) larynx d) mucus
The organ that stores urine until it is released from the body.
a) kidney b) ureter c) urethra d) urinary bladder
The system responsible for storing and getting rid of waste products.
a) excretory b) respiratory c) digestive d) nervous
These tubes take air from the trachea to lungs.
a) pharynx b) bronchi c) alveoli d) diaphragm
The tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder.
a) bladders b) ureters c) urethras d) kidneys
The flap of tissue that closes over the windpipe to prevent food from going down.
a) uvula b) peristalsis c) epiglottis d) pharynx
What is the passageway for both food and air?
a) trachea b) esophagus c) larynx d) pharynx
What are the tiny air sacs found in the lungs that are used for gas exchange?
a) cilia b) mucus c) alveoli d) bronchi
After air leaves the pharynx where does it go?
a) nasal passage b) trachea c) bronchi d) alveoli
When energy is produced what gas product is released?
a) carbon monoxide b) oxygen c) carbon dioxide d) hydrogen
This sticky substance moistens air and helps to trap dirt we breathe in.
a) peristalsis b) cilia c) mucus d) trachea
What is the ability for the internal systems to maintain balance?
a) cilia b) respiration c) peristalsis d) homeostasis
A group of tissues that perform the same job.
a) cells b) organs c) tissues d) organ systems
The muscle under the lungs that controls inhaling and exhaling.
a) kidneys b) lungs c) diaphragm d) alveoli
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