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In the ladder anology of the DNA molecule, the rungs or steps of the ladder are:
a) sugars b) paired nitrogenous bases c) phosphates d) paired sugar and phosphate
Genes are located on _____________.
a) clothes racks b) nucleotides c) chromosomes d) proteins
Who is credited with describing the shape of DNA?
a) Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel b) Jacob Burskey c) Larry S., Curly S., Moe S. d) James Watson, Francis Crick, and Rosalind Franklin
What would the complimentary piece of DNA made during replication be for ATTCGC
a) ATTCGC b) TTTGGG c) TAAGCG d) None of the options
The 3 parts of a nucletide are _______________.
a) sugar, phosphate group, amino acid b) protein, sugar, nitrogen c) sugar, phosphate group, nitrogenous base d) nitrogen, sugar, nitrogenous base
What type of bond holds the complimentary strands of DNA together?
a) ionic b) covalent c) hydrogen d) really strong ones
Adenine complements ____________ and Guanine compliments ___________ in a double strand of DNA.
a) Thyamine, Guanine b) Guanine, Cytosine c) Thyamine, Adenine d) Thyamine, Cytosine
A single gene codes for a single _________.
a) protein b) nucleotide c) DNA strand d) chromosome
Genes and chromosomes are made of _________.
a) proteins b) amino acids c) traits d) DNA
Long strands of tightly wound DNA are known as _________.
a) nucleotides b) genes c) chromosomes d) genomes
The monomers of a DNA molecule are known as _______.
a) nucleotides b) amino acids c) nucleosomes d) chromosomes
Which base pairing below is INCORRECT?
a) A-T b) G-C c) C-G d) A-G
What shape does a DNA molecule take?
a) double ladder b) double helix c) single helix d) stair case
Adenine, Thyamine, Guanine, and Cytosine are the 4 __________ of DNA.
a) sugars b) phosphate groups c) nitrogenous bases d) forces
When does DNA replication occur?
a) before cell division b) before cellular respiration c) after cell division d) after cellular respiration
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