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Organisms with traits best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce; includes concepts of variation, overproduction, and competition which is called -
a) Natural Selection b) Adaptation c) Evolution d) Mutation
This is any permanent change in a gene or chromosome of a cell; may be beneficial, harmful, or have little effect on an organism.
a) Adaptation b) Mutation c) Evolution d) Natural Selection
These are similar organisms that successfully reproduce.
a) Populations b) Human Beings c) Species d) Traits
This is a genetically determined characteristic or adaptation.
a) Species b) Trait c) Mutation d) Adaptation
In the Punnett square, Black fur (B) is dominant over brown fur (b). What is the phenotype of all four offspring?
a) Black fur b) Brown fur c) White fur d) A mix between black and brown
Curly hair, yellow fur, green eyes, and attached earlobes are all what kind of traits?
a) normal b) weird c) learned d) inherited
In Deoxyribonucleic acid, thymine pairs with the nitrogen base -
a) adenine b) cytosine c) guanine d) uracil
the hereditary material that controls all cellular activities is called -
a) cytoplasm b) DNA c) chloroplasts d) ATP
Genetic engineering can be used in a variety of ways. If the methods of genetic engineering are used to insert human genes into the cytoplasm of bacteria, the bacteria will then-
a) destroy the foreign DNA b) produce human proteins c) become a new species of bacteria d) no longer be bacteria
When scientists alter the genetic code of an organism, it is called -
a) mitochondrial DNA b) a pedigree c) genetic engineering d) a mutation
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