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The substance in which something dissolves
a) solute b) solvent c) d)
Mayonnaise is an example of a
a) suspension b) alloy c) solution d) colloid
The ability of a solute to dissolve in a solvent
a) insoulable b) solubility c) no correct answer given d)
To make something dissolve faster you could
a) cool it b) heat it c) add more water to it d)
A chemical property
a) density b) ductility c) flammability d)
A snow globe is an example of a
a) solution b) colloid c) suspension d)
A measure of the amount of solute dissolved in a solvent
a) concentration b) dilution c) solubility d) insolubility
Table salt is a combination of
a) hydrogen and oxygen b) sodium and chlorine c) carbon and sodium d) sodium and hydrogen
Helium, a gas, is ______ than air
a) more dense b) less dense c) d)
Krypton, a gas, is ____ than air.
a) more dense b) less dense c) d)
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