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Who was Ponyboy's favorite brother?
a) Steve b) Soda c) Dally d) Darry
Who found Johnny's denim jacket?
a) Pony b) Soda c) Bob d) Steve
Who was the redhead's movie friend?
a) Ponyboy b) Dally c) Marcia d) Cherry
Who visited Ponyboy when he was sick at home?
a) Two-Bit b) Randy c) Johnny d) Cherry
Who was the Soc spy who helped the Greasers?
a) Cherry b) Bob c) Randy d) Marcia
Who was the jokester whose real name was Keith?
a) Two-Bit b) Johnny c) Steve d) Ponyboy
Who was Ponyboy's oldest brother?
a) Soda b) Dally c) Steve d) Darry
Who was one of the boys who tried to drown Ponyboy in the fountain?
a) Bob b) Two-Bit c) Randy d) Johnny
Who said, Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold. ?
a) Randy b) Johnny c) Two-Bit d) Darry
Who was killed by the police?
a) Dally b) Johnny c) Pony d) Darry
Who read Gone With the Wind together?
a) Pony and Soda b) Soda and Darry c) Johnny and Soda d) Pony and Johnny
Who was the narrator of The Outsiders?
a) Soda b) Johnny c) Ponyboy d) Darry
Why were the Curtis boys living on their own?
a) Their parents had abandoned them. b) Their parents died in a car crash. c) Their parents died in a plane crash d) The boys ran away from home.
Why did Johnny carry a switchblade?
a) He was afraid he would be jumped b) He did not trust his friends c) It was a present from Ponyboy d) So he could kill Bob
Why did the Socs find Johnny and Ponyboy after the night at the movies?
a) They were lost b) They wanted to make up c) They wanted to fight d) They wanted to go to the East Side
How did Bob get stabbed?
a) Johnny was trying to save Ponyboy b) Bob stabbed Johnny first c) Ponyboy was trying to save Johnny d) Bob shot Ponyboy first
What were the boys given to take with them on their escape?
a) food and water b) a gun and ammunition c) money and food d) money and a gun
Who was Cherry Valance's boyfriend?
a) Johnny b) Bob c) Randy d) Two-Bit
Who did not help save the children from the burning church?
a) Randy b) Ponyboy c) Johnny d) Dally
Whose arrival at the rumble caused a distraction which started the fight?
a) Darry b) Dally c) Paul d) Randy
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