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a book of maps
a) atlas b) potlach c) tipis d) plateau
a broad, flat area of high land
a) plateau b) pueblo c) pottery d) maize
articles made from clay that are shaped while moise and hardened by heat
a) pottery b) plankhouses c) igloo d) maize
a kind of home built by Seminole Indians made of bypress tree logs and palmetto bushes
a) chickee b) plankhouses c) tipis d) maize
a grain which has kernels of various colors (mostly yellow); an important food source
a) maize b) chickee c) pottery d) potlach
a temporary house made of blocks of snow or ice in the form of a dome
a) igloos b) pueblo c) tipis d) chickee
home built by the Hopi Indians; made of stone and mud and stood several stories high
a) pueblo b) potlach c) pottery d) tipis
a social event or ceremony used by the Kwakiutl Tribe; usually marked important events such as weddings, feasts, etc.
a) potlach b) maize c) plateau d) chickee
a cone-shaped tent, usually covered with animal skins, used as a home by Indians of the plains
a) tipis b) igloo c) pueblo d) plankhouses
Kwakiutl homes made of tree wood; also known as longhouses
a) plankhouses b) chickee c) tipis d) pueblo
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