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erase, Jacob had to erase the order for a new bike.
a) cancel b) kill c) root d) rub
trace, Joanne likes to trace pictures on her notebook.
a) copy b) map c) show d) track
broad, The students wrote a broad outline to use when studying for thier test.
a) general b) very wide c) full d) free
hurdle, The biggest hurdle Naomi faced was learning to feel comfortable in fron of an audience.
a) a difficult problem b) to jump over c) to be successful with solving a problem d) something a runner must jump over
a) broke b) drove c) sparkled d) reflected
a) had his attention drawn away b) not interested in c) had pledged an oath d) had looked for the source
a) aa place where something can easily be seen b) a problem that has many different solutinos c) a person who takes a lot of time to complete a job d) a time that happened many years ago
a) crowded b) tired c) delicate d) irrigated
a) people who serve as agents b) items that are used as money c) documents that are important d) minerals that are in the ground
A person who teaches others
a) professor b) aviator c) dentist d) secretary
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