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What do all of the inner terrestrial planets have in common?
a) They all have rings b) They all have liquid water c) They all have moons d) They all have rocky surfaces
Other than Saturn these planets are outer planets
a) Neptune, Mercury and Uranus b) None others are outer planets c) Uranus and Mars d) Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune
This is similar in all gas giants
a) They are small and have helium and hydrogen b) They are large and have iron c) They are large and have helium and hydrogen d) They are small and have iron.
This is a ball of ice and dust
a) meteor b) comet c) meteorite d) asteroid
Asteroid belt is located between
a) Mercury and Mars b) Jupiter and Neptune c) Earth and Mars d) Mars and Jupiter
This is an asteroid that burns without reaching the ground
a) Meteor b) Meteorite c) comet d) meteoride
Solar system consists of
a) 8 planets b) 9 planets c) 13 planets d) 60 planets
Earth supports life because
a) it has nitrogen b) it has carbon dioxide c) It has oxygen d) it has methan
This planet has carbon dioxide and is considered Earth's twin
a) Venus b) Mercury c) Mars d) Jupiter
Space exploration helps us
a) to know more about our solar system b) how to use natural gas on Earth c) to know more about Earth's layers d) to know weather on Earth
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