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Who started the colony of Texas
a) Stephen Austin b) Sam Houston c) Santa Anna d) James Polk
Texans DID NOT WANT to do all of the following except
a) speak Spanish b) become Catholic c) pay taxes d) speak English
What did the Texans do that angered Mexico?
a) grew cotton instead of corn b) declared independence c) spoke Spanish d) paid their taxes
Who was the leader of the Mexican army?
a) James Polk b) Stephen Austin c) Sam Houston d) Santa Anna
What happens to Texas after the Texas Revolution?
a) Texas becomes a part of Mexico b) Texas becomes the Republic of Texas c) Texas IMMEDIATELY becomes a state d) Texans leave to move to Oregon
After a few years of independence, Texas becomes the ___ state
a) 20th b) 1st c) 28th d) 100th
Mexico and the U.S. argued over the ___ being the border between the two.
a) Rio Grande River b) Grand Canyon c) Rocky Mountains d) Mississippi River
Name of the land won by the U.S. after the Mexican American War
a) Gadsden Purchase b) Louisiana Purchase c) Mexican Cession d) Oregon Country
What is the name of the land purchased by U.S. from Mexico?
a) Gadsden Purchase b) Louisiana Purchase c) Mexican Cession d) Oregon Country
Who was president of the U.S. during the Mexican American War?
a) Sam Houston b) Santa Anna c) James Polk d) Abraham Lincoln
What is the term for the belief that U.S. should own all the land from the east to the west
a) Magnificent Destiny b) Manifest Destiny c) border d) secede
Where did the Oregon Trail start?
a) Independence Missouri b) New York City, NY c) Ocean Township, NJ d) New Orleans, Louisiana
How long did the Oregon Trail take?
a) 2 years b) FOREVER c) 6 months d) i week
All of these are dangers on the trail EXCEPT
a) illness and disease b) wagons turn over c) not enough supplies d) too many supplies
Where did the Oregon Trail end?
a) Oregon b) Mexico c) Florida d) Texas
What was found in California?
a) silver b) gold c) trees d) bronze
Who else traveled out west to find religious freedom?
a) Pilgrims b) Native Americans c) Mormons d) slaves
People of the Oregon Trail were the first to settle the ___ Coast
a) Canadian b) Florida c) Atlantic d) Pacific
For safety people traveled
a) in wagon trains b) in steam engine trains c) in boats d) by themselves
What type of animals were used to pull the wagons?
a) cows b) goats c) oxen d) dogs
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