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What does MELLO stand for?
a) Factors that Affect Climate b) Weather c) Processes Creating Convention d)
Which Biome is very warm and has lots of rain?
a) tundra b) tropical rainforests c) desert d)
The ecosystems of a specific regions with a similar climate are called...
a) vegetation b) animals c) biomes d)
What is weather?
a) a average over time b) the condition of the sky that changes every day c) always the same d)
What has the biggest effect on climate?
a) latitude b) animals c) plants d)
When is it Summer in the Southern hemisphere?
a) December b) July c) June d)
Wind, water, and glaciers all cause what?
a) erosion b) climate c) convergence d)
How are canyons made?
a) streams or rivers carve out land b) its stops raining c) sediment is left out mouth of the river d)
What is Climate?
a) The daily condition of the atmosphere b) An average of weather over a long period of time c) The vegetation and animals that live in a specific area d)
Describe a Divergent Boundary.
a) Plates moving away from each other b) plates moving together c) plats sliding next to each other d)
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