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To be patentable, an invention must be ______to a person having ordinary skill in the art to which the invention pertains.
a) fun b) nonobvious c) Unique d) obvious
There are _____ members as of June 2010 of the international convention
a) 170 b) 120 c) 173 d) 155
Paul filed a utility patent application on July 1, 2010, which was granted on March 15, 2012. When will the patent expire?
a) July 10, 2024 b) July 1, 2020 c) July 1, 2030 d) July 1, 2032
If you can mix two pictures up in a design infringement case it wll more than likely enough to win the case
a) T b) F c) d)
Reissuance patent
a) re-examination of original patent b) fix defects in original patent c) d)
A public disclosure of the invention does not bar a filling of non-U.S patent aapplications
a) T b) F c) d)
plant patent is a patent on newly invented strains of asexually reproducing plants (excluding tuber propagated plants and wild uncultivated plants)
a) T b) F c) d)
Always keep inventor documentation, even after patented.
a) T b) F c) d)
A public disclosure of the invention usually starts a ________ clock for filing a U.S patent apllicaton.
a) two-year b) five year c) one-year d) Three-year
If a non-employee is a co-inventor (vendor or customer ), then the Company loses exclusive control of the invention.
a) T b) F c) d)
Joint inventors must communicate during the conception of the invention order to have joint inventorship/
a) T b) F c) d)
a joint inventor is not free to make, use, or sell the invention without the permission of, and without accounting to (i.e ., paying), the other joint inventors.
a) T b) F c) d)
A person does not lose status as a joint inventor just because he or she used the services, idea, or aid of others in perfectin the invention.
a) T b) F c) d)
A person is not precluded from being a joint inventor simply because his or her contribution is experiemental.
a) T b) F c) d)
In a joint inventorship, each person must contribute the same amount of effect towards the conception of the invention.
a) T b) F c) d)
An inventor is a person who contributes to the ______ of an invention as it is claimed.
a) conception b) Selling c) Assistance d) publicizing
An invention has to be good or meritorious in order to be patented.
a) T b) F c) d)
if there is ______ difference between the invention and the prior art, the chance of getting patint is ___ 0
a) no,same b) any,equal c) any,less than d) any, greater than
Generally, one cannot patent an insignificant or trivial alteration of something already known.
a) T b) F c) d)
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