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Many different populations that share a habitat have a ____________________ or role.
a) niche b) habitat c) population d) community
A single organism in an environment
a) ecosystem b) niche c) habitat d) individual
Individuals of the SAME KIND living in the same environment make up a
a) habitat b) population c) ecosystem d) community
A community its physical environment make up ___________________
a) population b) ecosystem c) niche d) habitat
All the populations of organisms living together in an environment make up a
a) ecosystem b) community c) habitat d)
A place where a population in an ecosystem lives
a) habitat b) niche c) ecosystem d) community
Shows the interactions among many different food chains in a single ecosystem
a) food chain b) energy chain c) energy pyramid d) food web
An organism that makes its own food
a) consumer b) decomposer c) producer d)
Consumer that breaks down the tissues of dead organisms
a) consumer b) decomposer c) producer d)
Shows the amount of energy available to pass from one level of a food chain to the next
a) food pyramid b) food web c) food chain d) energy pyramid
An organism in a community that must eat to get the energy it needs
a) producer b) decomposer c) consumer d)
The way in which the organisms in an ecosystem interact with one another according to what they eat
a) food web b) food chain c) energy pyramid d)
A contest among organisms for resources
a) learned behavior b) symbiosis c) instinct d) competition
a long-term relationship between different kinds of organisms
a) symbiosis b) meiosis c) learned behavior d) parasitism
action that the organism sees from and copies from their parents
a) instinct b) symbiosis c) learned behavior d)
a natural behavior that an organism is born with
a) instinct b) symbiosis c) learned behavior d)
When one organism is harmed and the other benefits it is called
a) mutualism b) commensalism c) parasitism d)
A population that begins to decline is listed as
a) extinct b) threatened c) endangered d) exotic
A population that is likely to die out unless steps are taken to save it is listed as
a) endangered b) exotic c) threatened d) extinct
When the last individual of a population dies, that kind of organism becomes ______________ (Example: The passenger pigeon)
a) exotic b) threatened c) extinct d) endangered
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