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What was the popular music of the 1920's?
a) Rock b) Jazz c) Swing d) Classical
All of the following were sports heroes of the 20’s except:
a) Babe Ruth b) Gertrude Ederle c) Langston Hughes d) Jack Dempsey
This Black poet is sometimes considered the voice of the Harlem Renaissance:
a) T.S. Elliot b) Marcus Garvey c) F. Scott Fitzgerald d) Langston Hughes
The first ‘talkie’ of the 1920’s was called:
a) Gone with the Wind b) The Great Dictator c) The Jazz Singer d) The Shadow
The reckless culture of the 1920’s can be attributed to:
a) The reckless culture of the 1920’s can be attributed to: b) All are correct c) The act of illegal drinking and the excitement it produced d) The new freedoms woman were experiencing
Which of the following statements about the Palmer Raids is UNTRUE?
a) They succeeded in their goal of eliminating communism from the US entirely b) The desire for order outweighed the desire to protect the rights of people c) The ACLU formed to challenge these kinds of threats against civil liberties d) The government ignored the need for search warrants and the rights protected by habeas corpus
Sports became more popular in the twenties because:
a) The radio popularized sports heroes b) All are correct c) People had more leisure time d) People had more money than before
The Sacco and Vanzetti case characterized the 1920’s intolerance toward:
a) Jews b) Immigrants c) Factory workers d) Blacks
Who made the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris?
a) Red Grange b) Amelia Earhart c) Charles Lindbergh d) Buster Keaton
The scandal during Harding’s administration in which Albert Fall illegally leased federal land to oil companies was called:
a) The Credit-Mobilizer Scandal b) The Teapot Dome Scandal c) Watergate d) The Gatsby Affair
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