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Each ____ on the Ribbon is a collection of groups, and each group contains related items.
a) Area b) Unit c) Tab d) Dialog box
____ is the tab that contains the most commonly used commands.
a) View b) Home c) Insert d) Start
The ___ provides quick access to frequently used commands.
a) Shortcut menu b) Start menu c) Mini Toolbar d) Quick Access Toolbar
Microsoft Access 2010 is considered to be a ____(DBMS).
a) Database Marketing System b) Data Broadcast Messaging System c) Data Broadcast Microsoft System d) Database Management System
Which view in Access 2010 contains the command to create a new database?
a) Datasheet b) Design c) File d) Backstage
What appears at the top of Access work area to indicate objects that are open?
a) Ribbons b) Object commands c) Buttons d) Object tabs
What is the name of the small arrow in the lower right corner of a ribbon group that provides access to additional options for the group?
a) Group Launcher b) Group Options c) Dialog Box Options d) Dialog Box Launcher
The __________ contains the commands that you use most often, such as Save, Undo, and Redo.
a) Dialog Box Launcher b) Quick Access Toolbar c) Shortcut Menu d) Quick Access Menu
Whick key is used to display a KeyTip in Access 2010?
a) Ctrl b) Shift c) Alt d) Tab
In a table, which of the following conatins information about a given person, product, or event?
a) Cell b) Column c) Record d) Field
Each _________ contains a different type of information, such as last name or email address.
a) record b) cell c) field d) column
A _________ is a column that uniquely identifies each row, such as Item Number.
a) primary key b) primary category c) primary cell d) primary row
After designing a table, what must a user do before exiting it?
a) Add field descriptions b) Save the table c) Spell check the table d) Verify the table fields
The _____ view appears when you start Access.
a) design b) datasheet c) file d) backstage
In the Backstage view the _____ command compacts and repairs the database and encrypts the database with a password to restrict access.
a) Close database b) Save and Publish c) Info d) Options
__________ is an important part of creating a database.
a) Typing b) Saving c) Importing d) Planning
The ____ data type creates a new field that can store formulas and expressions, which can perform logicial, text, or mathematical calculations on existing fields within the same table and make it easy to add teh calculated fields to a form, or query.
a) currency b) calculated c) equation d) text
The ______ view is the default view when you first open Microsoft Access.
a) Pane b) Dialog c) Table d) Backstage
___________ are the most basic organizational element of a database.
a) Records b) Tables c) Fields d) None of the answers.
The Ribbon is divided into ____ tabs, or areas of activity.
a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 d) 7
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