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Which king nicknamed himself the Sun King to emphasize his importance?
a) Louis XIV of France b) Peter the Great c) Frederick the Great of Prussia d) Philip II of Spain
After the Glorious Revolution, a(n)_________ was established in England.
a) Absolute Monarchy b) Oligarchy c) Limited Monarchy d) Commonwealth
In the 16 and 1700's, absolute monarchs in Europe adopted an economic policy known as
a) mercantilism b) capitalism c) communism d) socialism
In 1648, the Peace of Westphalia
a) ended the Thirty Years War b) ended Portuguese domination of the European world c) outlawed the use of the Inquisition d) partitioned Poland between Russia and Germany
One way that Louis XIV expanded his power was by
a) staging an uprising called the Fronde b) outlawing court ceremonies at Versailles c) having Cardinal Richelieu executed d) building a strong army
Which king's palace and court life has given him a title as the model of absolute monarchy?
a) Louis XIV of France b) Charles V of Spain c) Philip II of Spain d) Peter the Great of Russia
Under mercantilism, European nations tried to increase _____________, while decreasing ____________.
a) imports, exports b) power, divine right c) exports, imports d) conquests, trade
Which of the following best describes the English Civil War?
a) the Catholics were defeated b) the monarch won c) the Levellers grew strong d) it led to political change
English kings' claims to absolute power was challenged by
a) the Tudors b) Parliament c) the Cavaliers d) the Anglicans
During the Fronde
a) Louis XIII was overthrown by Huguenots b) Louis XIV was forced from the royal palace by French rebels c) Louis XVI murdered thousands of Huguenots d) Louis XVI overturned the Edict of Nantes
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