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to align information consistently we need to use
a) grids b) prototype c) d)
to catch errors on alignment, style or graphics you need to view what on the monitor
a) template b) master page c) d)
a car transforming into a pocket book
a) rollovers b) morphing c) d)
a pre-formatted document found in a DP software
a) template b) master page c) d)
where do you store your images and clips for animation projects so that they can be retrieved easily
a) frame b) library c) d)
which is the best to use when a picture takes too long to load when creating a website
a) vector b) compression c) d)
transfer picture from ipad to personal computer which will be your concern
a) compression b) protability c) d)
if you add a new car to the background of an old picture which will you use
a) gradient b) layer c) d)
which supports transparency and animation
a) TIFF b) GIF c) d)
removing a person from a picture is done by
a) cropping b) cloning c) d)
using circles, squares and triangles or mismatch elements is known as
a) asymmetrical b) symmetrical c) d)
which effect makes the edge of the paper of a picture blurry
a) cloning b) flitering c) d)
which should be purchased to use when editing codes for webpage
a) cascading style sheet b) HTML editor c) d)
which typeface is used for invitations or graduation ceremony
a) script or cursive b) decorative or ornamental c) d)
premade image of a arrow head
a) art work b) clip art c) d)
which three C's should james use to make specific words in a peom stand out
a) conflict b) contrast c) d)
a list of all the content of a newspaper or magazine
a) nameplate b) table of contents c) d)
a line that tell where in the newspaper or magazine an article continues
a) jumpline b) deck c) d)
the correct extension for blueprint is
a) blueprint.gif b) blueprint.eps c) d)
feature used to describe various pictures in a document
a) caption b) reverse text c) d)
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