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which does not have to be installed to view information
a) quick time player b) flash player c) d)
a class president's statement can be identified as which of the following
a) jumpline b) pull quote c) d)
bold letters that emphasize information is known as
a) mass b) texture c) d)
horizontal spacing between an entire paragraph in a column of text
a) tracking b) leading c) d)
vertical line spacing between text
a) kerning b) leading c) d)
which of the following adds life or conveys emotion
a) watermark b) art c) d)
dee is creating the newspaper, which should she use for article text or body text
a) courier - serif typeface b) arial - san serif c) d)
jen is creating a publication and uses a form that is already setup so that information can be filled in. this is an example of:
a) template b) prototype c) d)
ken has a flyer which is overcrowded with information. which principle corrects this
a) balance b) white space c) d)
jess placed her name below the headline of the article she wrote. the area with her name is called
a) byline b) deck c) d)
the heading of a news paper with the volume and the date is known as
a) masthead b) nameplate c) d)
chuck is designing a brochure with elements that are noticeably different. this is what principle of design?
a) contrast b) alignment c) d)
Ed is creating a flyer for the concert and wants to add graphics to make it more colorful. this is an example of
a) side bar b) art c) d)
which principle of design should chris use in a publication to show the connection between elements?
a) alignment b) proximity c) d)
Aus is creating a poster with a background that looks like a blade of grass. this is an examples of
a) texture b) mass c) d)
which principle of design has the same when divided equally?
a) asymmetry b) symmetry c) d)
wesley creates a flyer and places a graphic next to the item description. which principle of design is this an example of?
a) proximity or unity b) repetition or consistency c) d)
spacing between the letters in the word soloist is known as
a) kerning b) leading c) d)
logo with a denim-like background actually displays
a) color b) texture c) d)
inserting the school's logo on every page of a document you create. this is known as
a) unity or proximity b) repetition or consistency c) d)
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