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Who the only president of the Confederate States of America
a) Abraham Lincoln b) Robert E. Lee c) Jefferson Davis d) Andrew Jackson
Where were the first shots fired
a) Gettysburg b) Fort Fisher c) Fort Macon d) Fort Sumter
About how many men people died in the American Civil War
a) 3,000,000 b) 22,000,000 c) 600,000 d) 20,000
What was an ironclad
a) horse b) cannon c) tank d) boat
what does total war mean
a) destroying all miltary targets and breaking civilian morale b) destroying only soldiers homes c) taking no prisioners d) attacking the army and all civiliand who did not support the Confederacy
Who won the American Civil War
a) The East b) The North c) The West d) The South
What was the compromise of 1850
a) all states could vote to be free or slave b) for every free state admitted a slave state was admitted c) California was admitted as a free state and the Fugivitive Slave Act was passed d) Established the 36 30 line
Why did deserters head for the Mountains of NC
a) to raid mountain communties b) to protect the mountain communities c) to hid in caves d) gain control of mountain passages
How did Governor Vance try to protect NC
a) protesting ascepts of conscription and the tax-in-kind, and to retake coastal towns b) demand fewer citizens be conscripted into the army c) challenged legality of the wealty hiring substituties for concription d) calling for the confederate army to retake coastal towns
the Battle of Gettysburg
a) followed Sherman total war b) was the last major battle of the War c) shattered the union hope for winning the war d) became the deadliest battle in the US
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