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Cells are the most complex unit of structure and function in living things
a) True b) False c) d)
The skeletal system is made of
a) The heart b) The brain c) Bones and tendons d) The lungs
The function of the circulatory system is to
a) Transport oxygen and nutrients b) Produce movements c) Guard against infections d) Support the body
The Integumentary system in composed of
a) Skeletal muscles b) Bones and tendons c) Blood vessels d) Skin, hair and nails
A group of organs make up
a) cells b) tissues c) an organ system d) organs
Which body system guards against infections?
a) Integumentary b) Circulatory c) Muscular d) Skeletal
This system produces body movements
a) Skeletal b) Muscular c) Integumentary d) Circulatory
This body system supports the body and protects internal organs
a) Integumentary b) Muscular c) Circulatory d) Skeletal
The structures of the circulatory system include:
a) Skin, hair and nails b) The heart and blood vessels c) Bones d) Skeletal muscles
This system brings in oxygen needed by cells
a) Circulatory b) Skeletal c) Respiratory d) Integumentary
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