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What were the European Explorers searching for
a) Northwest Passage b) Resources c) A vacation d) Asked to leave their country
Who sailed the Half Moon and discovered a river in New York
a) John Cabot b) Champlain c) Hudson d) Columbus
What explores named a large Lake in Northern NY after himself?
a) Columbus b) Champlain c) Minuit d) Verrazano
What did the Dutch call New York before it was named New York
a) Canada b) Albany c) Dutch Eat Indies d) New Netherlands
What did the Dutch West India Company do for a business?
a) set up fur trade b) find gold c) fight Native Americans d) build ships
What animal fur was most traded?
a) fox b) wolf c) bear d) beaver
What was the Dutch trading post called along the Hudson River and was later named Albany
a) Fort Orange b) New Amsterdam c) Auburn d) Canada
What Dutch settlement was build on Manhattan Island and is now New York City?
a) New England b) New Amsterdam c) Albany d) Utica
Peter Stuyvesant did all EXCEPT which choice
a) built roads b) set new laws c) Shut down the fur trade d) hired a police force
We remember the Dutch for ALL EXCEPT
a) Ice skating/Hockey b) Wooden Furniture/Windmills c) Wampum d) Waffles/donuts
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