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Did Ontario cut nursing staff this past year?
a) No b) Yes, 1100 c) Yes, but only a few d) Of course not
Does having more nurse to patient ratios......
a) cause more problems b) create a higher quality of care c) interfere with medical care d) increase turnover rate of nurses
Why aren't there more new nurse graduates ?
a) poor grades b) lack of effort c) high drop out rate d) not enough instructors
Which contributes to the high turnover rate in the nursing profession?
a) nurses marrying doctors b) job dissatisfaction c) corporate policies d) laziness
What does the Canadian Institute for Health Information, say the reason for the nursing shortage is?
a) lack of effort b) bullying c) vacations d) salary cuts
Is the nursing shortage only in Canada?
a) yes b) Only Canada and the United States c) No, it is a world wide problem d) No, it is only in developing countries
What is the primary reason are nurses leaving Canada?
a) they want to travel b) cheap flights c) work incentives from other countries d) debt
Are many Canadian students entering geriatrics ?
a) yes b) no c) never d) none
Is the nursing shortage real?
a) sometimes b) no c) yes d) maybe
What is the major contributing factor to the nursing shortage?
a) decrease birth rate b) increase death rate c) increasing geriatric population d) increase in accidental deaths
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