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When armed forces enter another country
a) Invade b) Refugee c) Negotiate d) Sabotage
A deliberate act of destruction
a) Invade b) Refugee c) Negotiate d) Sabotage
to discuss an issue in order to come to an agreement
a) Invade b) Refugee c) Negotiate d) Sabotage
a person who moves out of a country because of war
a) Invade b) Refugee c) Negotiate d) Sabotage
Dictator of Iraq who caused destruction and death
a) Saddam Hussein b) Adolf Hitler c) Al Queda d) Osama bin Laden
man responsible for organizing the attacks on the US known as 9/11
a) Saddam Hussein b) Osama bin Laden c) Al Queda d) Adolf Hitler
Islamic terrorist cell headed by Bin Laden
a) Al Queda b) Nazis c) El Salvi d) Al Mercio
having lots of success
a) Negotiate b) Refugee c) Prosperous d) Treason
crime of betraying ones country
a) Prosperous b) Negogiate c) Treason d) Refugee
War caused by Iraq trying to take over Kuwait's oil
a) Invasion of Afghanistan b) Persian Gulf War c) War on Terror d) World War II
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