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The amount of times your hearts beats per minute is known as what?
a) RHR b) HR c) MHR d) THR
The ratio of fat to lean tissue is known as what?
a) BMI b) Body Compisition c) Weight d) None
This type of stretch utilizes a partner
a) Static b) Dynamic c) PNF d) None
Arm circle are an example of what kind of stretch?
a) Static b) none c) Dynamic d) PNF
This type of stretch has to be maintained for at least 20 secs to be beneficial
a) Static b) Dynamic c) PNF d) None of answers are correct
These types of exercises use large muscle groups and can be maintained for at least 10 minutes?
a) Anaerobic b) Static c) Dynamic d) Aerobic
This type of exercise involves short bursts of energy without oxygen?
a) Static b) Dynamic c) Anaerobic d) Areobic
Running, Swimming, and Biking are what kind of activity?
a) Anaerobic b) Aerobic c) Static d) Dynamic
The shot put and the 100yd dash are types of what exercise?
a) Aerobic b) Anaerobic c) Static d) Dynamic
The ability to move a muscle through the full range of otion is known as what?
a) cardio b) flexibility c) muscular strength d) muscular endurance
The ability of muscle to perform tasks over a period of time without becoming tired is known as what?
a) cardio endurance b) muscular strength c) muscular endurance d) exercise
The amount of force a muscle can exert is knwon as what?
a) muscular strength b) muscuar endurance c) exercise d) cardio endurance
The ability to carry out daily tasks and have enough energy to respond to unexpected demands is?
a) Metabolism b) Sedentary Lifestyle c) Physical Activity d) Physical Fitness
Any form of movement that causes your body to use energy is?
a) Physical Fitness b) Physical Activity c) Sedentary Lifestyle d) Metabolism
The Fitnessgram sit-up tests assess what element of fitness?
a) Cardiovascular Endurance b) Muscular Strength c) Muscular Endurance d) Flexibility
Sit and reach tests your what?
a) Cardio endurance b) strength c) flexibility d) body composition
The fitnessgram pacer test assess what aspect of fitness?
a) Cardiovascular endurance b) Muscular strength c) Flexibility d) Muscular Endurance
You should subtract 220- your age to find what heart rate?
a) RHR b) MHR c) THR d) RHR
The heart rate that falls into 70% and 85% of your MHR is what?
a) MHR b) HR c) THR d) RHR
What is one benefit gained from physical activity that benefits your cardiovascular system?
a) Manages stress b) Allows heart to pump blood more effeciently c) reduces stress d) increases rhr
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