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Contains all of Photoshop\'s available options.
a) Toolbox b) Palettes c) Selection tools d) Menu bar
Has various tools for editing the image
a) Toolbox b) Palettes c) Layers d) Color tools
The file format for files that are Photoshop specific
a) TIFF b) PSD c) Jpeg d) Gif
The tagged Image file format
a) TIFF b) PSD c) Jpeg d) Gif
The joint photographic experts group format
a) TIFF b) PSD c) Jpeg d) Gif
The portable networks graphic format
a) TIFF b) BMP c) PNG d) Jpeg
Tools that allow users to create vector-based objects in Photoshop.
a) Color tools b) Enhancement tools c) Layers tools d) Vector tools
Tools that allow you to clone portions of an image, blur or enhance backgrounds, etc.
a) Vector tools b) Enhancement tools c) Image tools d) Selection tools
The currently open image(s)
a) image area b) palette c) transform d) layers
Creates an object for placement on your image
a) gradient b) type tool c) vector shape d) paint tool
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