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An example of a necessary expense is
a) rental payment b) concert tickets c) restaurant meal d) dinner and a movie
If you have a checking account, the bank will send your statement showing all your montly
a) account activities b) earnings c) check stubs d) borrow money
Cash sent through the mail can easily be
a) lost and stolen b) just lost c) just stolen d) lost and found
You can make a ____________ when you put money into your bank account.
a) deposit b) withdrawal c) refund d) sale
A budget is a spending plan that can help you
a) manage your money better b) borrow money c) pay in easy installments d) save money
If a clerk makes ____________ with your money, good financial records can help you prove it.
a) mistake b) refund c) buyback d) sale
Many people change their spendining habits in order to
a) save for emergencies b) give into marketing pressure c) spend all their money on nonsense d) give it away
To manage your money wisely, you must balance your
a) needs and wants b) bills c) purchases d) body weight
It's all right to spend money on extra things if you can
a) afford the expense b) get a discount c) buy it in the store d) not afford the expense
Develop thrifty habits can help you
a) open a bank acount b) stay out of debt c) open a saving account d) get into debt
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