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About how much does a gallon of gas cost?
a) $1.25 b) $2.05 c) $3.30 d) $7.00
If I needed to mail a letter, where would I go?
a) Walmart b) YMCA c) Dollar Store d) Post office
When you borrow money from the bank, it is called a what?
a) resume b) bank account c) loan d) agreement
An apartment in Scottsburg would cost about how much to rent each month?
a) $1,500 b) $500 c) $2,200 d) $50
These are electricity, gas, oil, and water used in a house or apartment
a) lease b) utilities c) maintenance d) application
If you needed a cup of flour, what would you use to measure?
a) measuring spoons b) measuring cups c) spatula d) a liquid measuring cup
Which material should you NOT put in a microwave?
a) aluminum foil b) glass c) paper plate d)
About how much does a dozen eggs cost?
a) $8.88 b) $2.79 c) $6.25 d) $1
These help with the cost of groceries and other services?
a) lease agreement b) coupons c) landlord d) utilities
In a car, this tells me how many miles I have driven?
a) Windshield wipers b) Seatbelt c) Speedometer d) Odometer
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